Week 15 Reminder

Hi, class — Don’t forget to bring your profile drafts to work on in class Tuesday. I’ll be visiting with each of you individually to discuss this in our last class, so have something to work on while I meet with the others. Your final drafts are due by midnight the day of the (non-existent) final exam, Tuesday, May 7.



Class — Due to the death of a close friend, there will be no class next Tuesday as I will be out of town beginning Sunday (I’ll be attending Friday or Saturday night’s performance, so you’re on your own Sunday).

I have also updated the syllabus (below) to reflect that and a couple of other changes. By the time we meet again on April 23, you should be done with or finishing your interviews and getting ready to write. If you’re having any trouble landing your interviews, please let me know asap and we’ll make alternate plans. If you have any questions about anything, don’t hesitate to email me — I’ll only be off the grid entirely on Monday afternoon. Anyone who’d like to hand in their first drafts earlier than the due date may do so; just let me know when it’s going to arrive.

TUESDAY, APRIL 9 – 12TH CLASS – Theatre: Behind the Scenes of the Actor’s Medium

FIELD TRIP: *****Behind the scenes tour of Romeo.Juliet set at Robinson Hall for the Performing Arts with Chris Buess, Production Manager, followed by short discussion with Director James Vesce (Chair of the Department of Theatre).*****

*ASSIGNMENTS for 13th class: 1) Attend Romeo.Juliet on Sunday, April 14, 2013 @ 2 p.m. Robinson Hall for the Performing Arts; write 500-word review by Tuesday midnight (students attending Thursday, April 18, must turn in first draft by midnight Sunday, 4/21).

TUESDAY, APRL 16 – 13TH CLASS –Profiles


*No class — Instructor Out of Town

*Work on profiles

*READINGS/ASSIGNMENTS to be discussed/done for 14th class: 1) Turn in edits on Theatre Review by midnight Sunday, 4/21 (2nd-week theatre reviews must be in by midnight, Tuesday 4/23); 2) Read and take specific notes on one of the profiles below focusing on the Four Keys — Context, Description, Analysis/Interpretation and Evaluation; prepare to discuss in class and relate to your own profiles on 4/23.

TUESDAY, APRIL 23 – 14th CLASS – Profiles/Pitches


*Profiles — The good, the bad, the ugly (so far)

*Determining Your Audience

*How to Pitch An Editor

*How to Make Freelancing Pay the Bills

*ASSIGNMENTS for 15th class: Turn in first draft of 1,500-word profile by Sunday, April 28 at midnight.

TUESDAY, APRIL 30 – 15TH CLASS – Profiles


* Work on profile edits one-on-one with instructor

*FINAL ASSIGNMENT: Turn in final draft of profile by (DUE ON DATE OF FINAL, Tuesday, May 7, by midnight — NO LATE PROFILES ACCEPTED)

Profile Pitch Memos…

Would like to get these from everybody in the next day or two — you can send via email/word.doc or bring to the “field trip” tomorrow. No grade on these, but they’ll help you focus your thoughts on getting your profile in order. If you haven’t turned in your Visual Arts reviews…get them in asap or suffer the penalty — one grade  down per day late.

Next Week, 4/9

We’ll be meeting for next week’s class in the Robinson Hall lobby again, where we met prior to our opera experience. Meg Whalen will introduce us to the set designer for Romeo.Juliet, and we’ll take a behind-the-scenes tour — don’t forget to take notes! We’ll also confirm the ticket situation, but for now most of the class have tickets for Sunday under the class name, while the others have their tickets set aside under their own names for the night of their chosen performance. Don’t forget to turn in your final Visual Arts posts, too, which I’ll throw up on the blog this weekend or early Monday.  See you Tuesday @ Robinson Hall @ 3:30!

Tomorrow’s Class, 4/2

Good job so far on the favelas exhibit and associated reviews, folks — missing a couple first drafts, you know who you are, don’t let this slide too far! One student was confused by the syllabus this week since I moved the final draft due-date for these Visual Arts reviews back to Sunday, 4/7, so I’ll reiterate tomorrow’s assignment: After reading the course text on “Profiles,” find one arts & culture profile on the web that you admire/abhor and prepare to discuss in class the writing components that make them work (or not work). Use the Four Keys as a starting point and cite a few examples in the piece. If you can email me the links by Tuesday at noon, that’d be great.



Hi, Class — Some housekeeping….if you’ve not finished your Trend re-writes, they’re due this Sunday. I’m going to push back the Visual Arts reviews until Tuesday night — we’ll work on them in class after the lecture. But make sure you’ve made a big dent in it before the class. I’ll talk a bit more about Visual Arts (read the course text chapter on it, please), a bit about book reviewing, and I also would like you to have a profile subject chosen to discuss one-on-one. Check the Sensoria and Ulysses links I sent along in the previous announcement. As I mentioned, there’s a poet profile available with Amy Bagwell, a local writer who’s doing a Sensoria event a bit along the lines of the JR TED talk that we watched in class. Okay, enjoy your weekend…oh, and DON’T FORGET TO COMMENT ON AT LEAST TWO of your classmates’ trend pieces! Your input is important!


Just a reminder about Tuesday’s downtown campus class, which takes place during our normal class time — 3:30-6:15. You can get directions and information here. You are required to prepare 3-5 questions combining both the photographic exhibit and the architecture/city planning discussion with David Walters — the required readings should provide you plenty of question-fodder:

*READINGS to be discussed in 9th class: 1) Arts & Culture Reader, “Visual Arts” (pgs. 65-90); 2) Justin Davidson, “The Glass Stampede,” (Best American Magazine Writing 2009; available without photos at E-reserves); 3) Pedro Lobo —The Architecture of Survival

*ASSIGNMENTS for 9th class: 1) Re-write of Trend Piece due by midnight Sunday, March 17; 2) prep 3-5 questions for field trip; 3) Watch JR: One Year of Turning the World Inside Out. (10 mins)

Also, it’s not too early to choose the subject for your profile; a few students have already chosen theirs and are off and running already or will be shortly. We’ll be discussing these next week in addition to the chapter on books, so start looking at these sites for subjects that would be of interest to you:

The Ulysses Festival and CPCC’s Sensoria.

Finally, if there’s anyone who might be interested in profiling a local poet who’s doing something along the lines of the JR: One Year of Turning the World Inside Out project above, hit me with a back-channel email.

Important Reading Reminder!

Tomorrow’s reading includes a Zinsser chapter that is NOT in the course book, but available through Atkins Library’s E-Reserves. If you’re not familiar, here’s a quick “how to” guide:

1. go the “course reserves” section (under the “research & course help” tab) on the Atkins Library homepage

2. sign in with your UNCC login

3. find the class by using the instructor name (SchachtW) in the green tabs at the top

4. You may need to access the course readings with a password — try this one if that’s the case: “wAPCp12” (case sensitive).

5. Click on the PDF tab “Arts & Artists” (first one in the queue)

6. You can download or read on-line — doesn’t matter to me so long as you read it so we can discuss in class — no foolin’, I’ll be calling on folks to chip in…

7. Contact me asap if you can’t get onto the site and read the 18-page chapter on “Arts & Artists”

Final note — Lynn Roberson of the Communications dept. will be in the class tomorrow for a while to take photos. So, you know, dress to the nines if you want.

Note about Embedding Videos/Links

Hi, class — If you want to upload/embed videos/links etc. into your trend pieces let me know and I’ll change your status from “contributor” to “author” for this assignment (or any others where you want to take advantage of that element). Just let me know at the top of your word.doc by adding “includes links.” However, I’m going to still require that you send me first drafts via word.doc (use hyperlinks there)…okay, see you next week!